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My Sites

Over the last few years (I started when I was 10) I've amassed several sites. A lot of them closed or got deleted, but here are some of the ones that didn't ^______^. I'm pretty much still updating them, although not as often as I'd like since I don't have time.

Anime Sites

Patamon's World - [OPEN] This is my Digimon fansite, first opened in June 2002 and reopened in December of that year. At one stage it was one of the most popular Digimon sites and for a couple of years it was the main Australian fansite, although that changed when my host then, Shawn, kept having months of server downtime so it was always down. I gave it a full rework in late 2005 and it's now being updated again.

The Pokémon Peninsula - [OPEN] My Pokémon fansite, it's pretty obvious from the name, huh? XD My friend Robert (HiKaizer) and I first started this in 2001 for a competition. We thought it was pretty good back then. It wasn't XD. Nevertheless, we kept it going for a few months, then closed it due to (a) lack of time and (b) general laziness XD. So I brought it back in April 2004. I'm trying to spend time on this site for content, but again I don't have very much time.

Pokémon RM2K - [OPEN] This site is an RPG Maker resource site, mostly for Pokémon but also for other Anime-related things. It was given to me in April 2005 by Danny (Imakuni?).

Animeopolis - [OPEN] This is a general Anime fansite. It opened in May 2005 and doesn't have much content yet, but I'm trying to build it into a good, solid resource. It takes Digimon, Pokémon and Beyblade content from my dedicated sites, Naruto content from Robert's site, and other content is written specifically for the site.

Beyblade Seishin - [HIATUS] My Beyblade fansite, opened in November 2003. A good idea in theory, but I just didn't have time to maintain it, and it closed a year later. At the moment the information is being incorporated into Animeopolis, and I'm hoping to reopen it at some stage. The site is now accessible again.

Digimon Intensity Project - [HIATUS] Started June 2003. When I found out that they weren't going to do the last three seasons of Digimon, I wanted to make my own season. The project enlisted some of the best-known names among Digimon fans to write for it, but eventually schoolwork caught up with me, and I was forced to place the project on hiatus. The first episode of the project is fully scripted as well as adapted for manga, and it's ready to go as soon as the project returns. I don't know whether this will go ahead now Savers has been announced.

Communication, Services and Scripts

RyuX Network Forums - [OPEN] These serve as the forums for all of my Anime-related sites. They've moved around and gone through several versions - ezBoard, MyCool, phpBB, YaBB SE, Invision - and kept getting deleted, but they're now well settled using SMF on their own domain, thanks to Greg. I don't post much on these - though they're my own - but I do hang around, check all the support forums and lurk in the admin panel. Accepts community sites.

Egopedia - [OPEN] A wiki about people. I encourage everyone to go to it, create a page on themselves under their real name or nickname, and spread the word. It's a cross between egosurfing and networking.

gallery@ryux - [OPEN] When I started Animeopolis, I decided to merge the image galleries for all my sites. I wrote a PHP script that displays the images, and added the screenshots from the PW and TPP galleries. Greg joined up, so now we share a gallery, and it has a very large archive of images from various Animes with more being constantly added. Oh, and constant updates to the script, which will possibly be incorporated into StarCMS. XD Opened June 2005.

RyuX Network Top 50 - [OPEN] These are the topsites. o_o

oekaki@ryux - [OPEN] This oekaki is community-sited into all of my Anime sites as well as bgtfamily's site Pokémon Galaxy. Accepts community sites.

Ryuken Design - [OPEN] This is my web design "business", if you could call it that. So far it hasn't been particularly successful - two paying jobs for bands, one of which decided they didn't want the site after I'd done it (so I didn't get paid) and the other one of which broke up after I'd done the site (so I didn't get paid for that one either).

Final Star - [PLANNED] I co-admin this site with Gary (Kip-kip), the person who replaced Greg as a moderator at PC. We write PHP/mySQL scripts for people to use; however, because of random workload problems, we haven't actually got anything *done* yet.

Anime Avatar Archive - [CLOSED] I had a great idea: a big site with heaps of anime avatars. Problem is, a heap of people had the same idea before me. Which I didn't know about, of course. - [OPEN] This is the combined IRC chat channel for all of my Anime-related sites. It's moved around a few times but I think I'll leave it on dejatoons for now.


Kujibiki Unbalance - [OPEN] This is the fanlisting I made for the series of Genshiken-related OVAs, Kujibiki Unbalance. Opened May 2005.

Thunderpunch - [OPEN] This is my fanlisting for episode 14 of the Pokémon TV show, "Electric Shock Showdown". It's the episode that features a battle between Ash's Pikachu and Lt. Surge's Raichu at the Vermilion City Gym.

Site Networks

Digidollar Network - [OPEN] A Digimon fansite network, originally opened in May 2003.

Pocket Power Network - [OPEN] A Pokémon fansite network, opened in May 2004. I made a mistake in calling this something I couldn't abbreviate XD (it shortens to PPN, which is the Pokémon Palace Network). Call it PPNet :P.

Hentai-Free Network - [HIATUS] For a long time I dreamed of making a network where any Anime/manga-related site could join as long as they were kid-friendly, a place where kids could go to look for links that wouldn't... disturb them XD. I opened the site in April 2004, then ran out of time to update it... but it'll be back. XD

The Bus Stop - [OPEN-ish] My Good Charlotte fansite network; it isn't particularly popular. ^^;

Band (Fan)sites

Phoenix Order - [PLANNED] The official website of my wizard rock band. XD

Route 55 - [HIATUS] Good Charlotte was my favourite band, so this is my fansite for it, started in November 2004. It doesn't have a lot of updates, and I haven't really worked on it since Mandi, my friend and one of R55's staff members, died in a car accident in March 2005.

Life's Diary - [HIATUS] My fansite for the Australian punk-pop band Kid Courageous. I couldn't be bothered updating it, so it hiatused.

Rising Fall - [HIATUS] My fansite for Australian punk/emo band After The Fall. Again, it hiatused due to lack of updates.